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18th June 2022  
Played a bit of Turtles : Shredder's Revenge yesterday.
My thoughts : Plays perfectly well, even via Xbox GamePass Cloud. Incredibly nostalgic, and seems like it'd be fun for a full play through, especially with other players joining in.



I also played way too much Tetris, yesterday, too.
I played a bit of Puyo Puyo Tetris, a little Tetris Effect, a couple of rounds of Tetris 99, and even tried a quick game of Tetris DX using my GBAsp. .. Unfortunately, the GBAsp needs charged, and .. can I find the charger!?! That and my original DS are currently sitting, desperate for a good charging session, but neither are getting one.

Zoo Keeping

Finally, I had a few rounds of Zoo Keeper World on Apple Arcade, unlocking a couple more animals and other bits and pieces.
It's a great little reinterpretation of them original, but with more Zoo Keeping involved.
You get to build up your zoo, putting animals and scenery around your little park, all whilst doing "jobs" (playing ZooKeeper puzzles) for the big-boss, and also trying to please all the visitors to your part.
After a little playing, you get to unlock the original game as an Arcade Cabinet for your park, too, which is lovely!


After all of that, I decided to try out a few of my old Mac compiles to see if they still play.
Nope. Not a single one I tried would run, all giving the same "The developer needs to recompile this" error message.
I might have to strip out all my Mac games from the site. I already removed Mac from the little "Systems" sidebar on the right, so it's probably time to get rid completely.

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