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Retro Raiding?
22nd May 2022  
I'm now finding myself wondering how do-able RetroRaider would be on the Amiga.


Most of the game is quite static, so .. That would work
A few sprites for enemies and bullets would probably suffice, and then a simple enough goal.
Simplify it a bit to ensure there's not too many things onscreen at once.
Should be workable, right?!

My main worry is how long the backgrounds will take to draw. Will it be too long to do the quick flip-screen effect?
I really do need to work out quicker ways to drawing screens-full of imagery on the Amiga.

I'll be testing the possibilities out later, but first today I really do need to get that SmileBASIC Birthday game done.
It's tomorrow in just a few hours, over in Japan!!

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