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No Game, But with a game..
10th May 2022  
Sidetracked, or just avoiding having to make the same game again?
You decide!


Over on SoCoder yesterday, AndyH asked about being able to use GotoJSE and the possibility of what happens when everything comes crashing down, and my web-empire is no longer online.

Good question!
And though GotoJSE should still be available as long as I'm still here, it's entirely possible that I could pop my clogs at any moment, and .. shockingly.. all of this will no longer be available.
The world will be almost 800 games lighter, overnight!

Or it could just be that someone hacks in and trashes everything, but I think I'd probably try my best not to let that happen. Or at the very least, be able to grab a fairly recent backup and rebuild, ASAP.

But it's a good idea to have JSE be a little more portable.
(This site already lost 33 games, when PlayMyCode disappeared!)

With that in mind, I spent a few hours yesterday creating a mini-JSE Player that can be reused on other sites, and allow people to more permanently house their creations, as well as a more portable version of JSE itself.

Although it isn't quite ready to go, just yet, the basic idea of the Player form is available for testing.
There's a few quirks, like how there's currently no way to turn the onscreen controls off and on, (which is normally done in the main JSE GUI) and that the audio won't start until you click the screen, on the browsers that do that.

I think I'll need to add a "Your Logo Here" screen that players need to click, to get through to the game, to act as the "Audio Unlock" click.

I'm trying my best to keep everything as tweakable as I can, and also as simple as it could possibly be, so that people can easily dump the contents on their website, and have it "just work".
One thing I really need to do is remove all the variables that are leftover from the JSE GUI.. The script is awfully messy!
Also, could do with neatening up the folder layout a bit, too.

I'll try my best!!

You can Play NeonPlat's Festive Trees here, in the player!

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