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8th May 2022  
There's a strange bug in GotoJSE, where it point blank refuses to upload your code.. If you're wearing a blue t-shirt and have socks on, on a Sunday, and are currently drinking a coffee.

Or at least, I think that's why it failed.


I've got no idea, if I'm honest.
It just point-blank didn't work. No matter how many times I clicked the upload button, it just didn't do it.
Instead, if I copy+pasted the code into a New project, then upload it, it worked perfectly fine.
Why would this be? I've not a clue.

Maybe the save-file got corrupted or something?
I have a feeling it might've been a bizarre unicode corruption or something, so I need to dig through the code and see how easy it is to kill off unicode along the way.

It's odd, though, that projects generally won't save or even run, with rogue unicode in there, so..
Again..Not sure, really.


I've created a simple example. Basic Functionality Example
It draws text, shapes, sprites onscreen, and has very basic input (cursor keys to move the text).

Why did I make this?
Well, this is going to be my testbed for trialing various languages over the next short while.
How easy is it to do that in every language I can find.
Hopefully it's really easy on something, somewhere.

And hopefully I can find what that is before I end up rewriting everything using WebGL.
Which will happen first?
Who knows.

Stick around to find out!

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