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Blockman Gets Finished?
2nd May 2022  
I think I've done Blockman Gets on the Amiga, already.


Gameplay works, music hops about fine, start, puzzle, end, etc.
Really, there's nothing much more to do with the game.
So, um..
Tuck that away until the end of the month, I guess...?!

Incidentally, the game breaking bug was that I using the JumpMED command to move the music back to pattern 0 when returning to the main menu.
.. Except patterns start at 1, not 0, so it was breaking.
Schoolboy error!


So, now I'm wondering if I should tackle something like Munky Blocks for June. That would require having a bitmap with the level on it, occasionally grabbing tiles from the bitmap and converting them to temporary sprites, then layering them back onto the bitmap once they're in the new position.

Might be the sort of game that requires a dual playfield, rather than a double buffer, since that way I can draw a gritty dirt-background behind the tiles, and move the tiles around a little easier on the foreground layer.
.. I think.

In my head that seems doable, but we'll have to wait and see if it turns out that well!

It'd need a menu, too, though.
Bah, humbug..


Someone on an Amiga forum, a forum for Amiga computers, in a topic about Amiga games, accused me of living in the past.
.. well, duh!


I noticed this morning that one of the GOPS screenshots has the MacOS GUI included.
Not sure why that is. I used exactly the same keyboard combo to take all the screenshots, and none of the others did that.
That's.. weird..

Apple : Think ... different

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