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OK, Now What?
25th April 2022  
I think I might stick to a monthly schedule for Amiga games. So far I've done one at the end of March and one at the end of April, so. Yeah, that makes sense to continue in that way.
I think...


This week, then, I need to swing back to doing web stuff so that you can all play them.
I'm thinking it might be time to do a Shoebox game, but what game to do?
I'm thinking maybe some sort of board game, but without going overboard and ending up with an entire "The Quest".
.. Or maybe I should properly make a start on "The Quest"
My main issue with that game still remains. At some point, Dice-Fighting is needed, and that's just really boring in a videogame scenario!

My head's still bubbling away at that, and as much as I'd love to replace it with something more arcade-like, at the end of the day, it's all about numbers. And Dice really are the best way to do those in a board game.
I just don't like it being all menu'y and "you rolled a 3" and stuff like that. It's ... eeeuwww!

So, maybe not that game.
I might have to dig through my archive of suggestions to see if there's anything else I can do in the Shoebox.

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