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Flapping Close
23rd April 2022  
I *might* end up posting Flappadiddle (Amiga edition) at some point today.

A little more stress testing, double check I haven't forgotten anything, and things of that sort, but otherwise I think it's more or less ready.


With all of the recent DAW testing, I find it odd that over on the Amiga, I'm still just sticking with Octamed v4, but .. perhaps that's for the best, really.
The result is a decent quality background choon, with channel muting abilities, which is super-important for mixing in sounds.

Certainly would be nice to be able to use something a little more modern than a piece of software I got from a CUAmiga Coverdisk, 28 years ago!!
But.. Meh, sometimes you just have to stick with what works.

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