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Musical Day
20th April 2022  
A day of musical experimentation.


The ingame tune for Flappadiddle is terribly repetitive.
It's ok in short bursts, like when I'm trying to compose the thing, but give the choon more than a minute or so and it really starts to grate.

I'm going to have to compose a much more diverse version of the tune, and that requires an easier tool to do it in.
As much as I do love Octamed, BOY is it showing its age!!!

So I tried a few tools on the Amiga, but nothing quite felt right, and I found myself heading back to OpenMPT on Windows.

It was yet another case of having a MacBook running MacOS + Amiga Emulator running Workbench + Remote Desktop to Windows, all on my lap. It's the future!!
The fact that I can hit Ctrl+Left/Right to flip between a Mac, an Amiga and a PC, is absolutely fantastic!!!

But I didn't quite find my groove.
Today I'll be trying to do that.


At about 2am, the latest issue of Computer Music arrived in the PocketMags app. This issue, (308) includes a MASSIVE update to their Plugin Archive. VST/AU software synths, effects and other plugins, to help you make the most of your musicalising.

It took about half an hour to download the whole pack, then I archived it to my NAS because.. As much as I'd like to, I still haven't settled on a good music editor on the Mac.
My main music editor is KORG Gadget, but that's on the iPad, and all these plugins aren't going to be working on that.

I'm slightly tempted to get KorgGadget for the Mac, but then I'm still stuck with the inability to do nice pitch-shifts and things like that.
FLStudio, GarageBand, Ableton.. These are all options, but each one has its own unique learning curve.
.. And costly, too, especially Ableton.
I could grab a cheaper edition of FLStudio, since I have all of these external plugins here, but ..
I dunno..

decisions, decisions.. (as my bank account screams)


Ironically, given that I spent all day doing musical things, this week's ALChoon still isn't done.
Better get on that.

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