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15th April 2022  
One of those days..



First, trying to get music to work in Amiga Blitz, alongside sounds.
It seems you can't do that with regular .MOD (Protractor) modules, but Blitz also has a separate set of commands for playing MED (Octamed) modules instead.
The Blitz commands include the ability to toggle channels off and on, allowing you to more properly do music+sound types of things.

So I coded in a mod playing function, and ...
.. It was slow.
It was VERY slow.

I tried half-a-dozen techniques to get the med file playing at the proper speed, toggling options here and there, hoping for the best, but..
That's not good..

So I abandoned that for the day, and instead tackled the week's SmileBASIC game.


I worked on a nice little controller concept.
The Switch has four distinct "4 directional" controls..
The top left thumbstick, the bottom left DPad, the top right face-buttons, and the bottom right thumbstick, all have an up, down, left and right.
Could I make a game where each one moves a different character through a maze?!

Well, yes, but also definitely no, because the control scheme got insanely confusing almost immediately.

Game scrapped.
I now have .. um.. today, to write an entire game for Switch.

Oh the fun!!

Giving Up

I gave up for the day, and instead sat watching the first few episodes of this series on Amazon Prime UK, which is a documentary about the making of Star Trek, narrated by Gates McFadden, with interviews from all the right people.
Good stuff!!

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