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5th April 2022  
Last night's dream completely tired me out!!


I dreamt that I went to the shop to buy a tin of soup.
The trek through the village took about an hour or so, saying hello to all the people I know, walking through a none-existent outdoor market, trudging past streets of kids playing outdoors.
Eventually I got to the supermarket, picked up my tin of soup, but the shop was closing and the staff refused to let all the remaining customers buy their groceries, and we were all unceremoniously kicked out of the shop.
After that, I trekked back to the none-existent outdoor market, and found a grocer selling fresh soups, so bought one of those, before continuing my journey back home.

All in all, an incredibly lengthy journey, and .. honestly, I woke up exhausted!!
I mean, absolutely shattered.
The trek through the village left me in need of another long sleep!!

Today, I think I'll have to recuperate, and might even go back to bed at some point.


Yesterday was quite a lesson in Amiga BlitzBASIC, as I learned that Gosub's aren't exactly what they oughta be.
I stumbled upon a few quirks as I was writing SpikeDislike, but got around them by coding everything in a giant linear loop, instead of jumping in and out to functions and the like.
SpriTed is similarly one giant mass of text.

For the Framework, though, I figured I oughta neaten up my code a little, so am using Statements, Functions and Gosubs to keep things a little tidier.
Oddly, I can't seem to draw to the buffer, from within Gosubs, and I can't access Arrays from within Functions/Statements.
As a result, I'm having to hop back and forth, in and out of gosubs and functions and back, just to get any sort of functionality out of the thing, without resorting to a giant sprawling linear mass of code.
It's really quite a complicated feat, but I guess it was done "for reasons".. Mark Sibly definitely knows what he's doing, so I'll continue to follow this path, in the hope that I can get something resembling functionality, by the end of it all!

*fingers crossed*

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