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Screwy iPad..
30th March 2022  
I think my Apple devices might be jealous of me playing with an Amiga.


This morning, my iPad point blank refused to let me email myself the usual .png format pixelarts that I draw each day.
No matter what method I tried, it was sending a horrible gnatty .jpg with artefacts all over them.
In the end I resorted to a copy+paste method, but it was less than ideal and completely messed up my usual workflow.
Hopefully I can solve that slight quirk by tomorrow, or it's going to be one extra lengthy Thursday Struggle!!


I was ALMOST going to release SpikeDislike-Amiga last night, but realised the "titlescreen" doesn't really exist.
The current method of drawing the background once and letting it play out means I don't really have anywhere left to put the game's title, or my name, or the AGameAWeek logo.
.. If I can even get the AGameAWeek logo to load in the messy chaotic environment I've ended up with!!

But I definitely should try to do that.
Maybe that'll be today's task.

I also need to write this week's SoCoder Newsletter which has been pretty much abandoned for the past couple of weeks, if I'm honest.
As has AGameAWeek-Proper, with it's half-finished Calendar/Puzzle menu in Browsercade..
Oh dear..
I have a ton of stuff to do, don't I!!

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