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28th March 2022  


The garbled mess at the top of the screen is supposed to be the GUI section.
As you may or may not be able to tell, it ain't working too well!!
Is it the way I'm layering the "slices", or is it the bitmap itself?
I'm not really sure, this is all entirely new to me!

The "Slice" command is used to chop up the screen into sections. You can have (as far as I can tell) as many of these as you need, and the Amiga deals with vertical strips as if they're their own little screen. High-res, Low-res, Dual Playfields. They're all available in each strip, and you can set colour limits, sprite settings, and other such niceties, too.

Unfortunately, something awry in my code, and all I'm getting from the top strip is the odd strip of garbled mess.
I'm fairly sure it's not my bitmap, but I'm finding it really hard to test things, as I still haven't figured out how the bloomin' debugger works yet!!
Oh boy, there's a ton of learning to be done, here.

FWIW : As messed up as the above image is, I've only managed to crash the Amiga twice, with all my chaotic testing, so I think that's probably a good thing

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