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Sprites Working
25th March 2022  
OK, I've figured out the Sprite thing on the Amiga, and got everything running nice and smoothly.
The weird floor-height glitch is still happening, but it's much less noticeable now that everything else is in motion alongside it. (Unless someone points it out, you probably wouldn't notice it. .. Probably best I didn't point it out!)


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Todo List
1. Collisions aren't very precise. I need to add point-collisions into the mix.
2. I need to figure out how I'm going to do the GUI for the Score/Highscore, the Combo and the ComboBar thing. *shrugs*
3. Adding in sounds would be nice! And maybe a bit of minimal music. There's only 4 channels to play with, though, so I'll have to think around possible issues for that.
4. Extra control options. Currently only Joystick Button works, and Left Mouse quits!!

But, yeah, that's coming along reasonably well, I reckon.

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