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Shuffling Palettes
25th March 2022  
Goodness, what a complicated methodology!!


Over on the Amiga, Hardware Sprites are doable, but are quite limited in the palette department.
In Blitz, you can generate a bunch of sprites, but each can only have three colours. (Four if you count Transparency)
Their palette colours are hard-coded, so that sprites 0 and 1 use palette colours 17,18 and 19, the next two sprites use colours 21,22,23, and so on.
How bizarre!!

Luckily, Spikes are a solid single colour, so don't need too much in the way of colouring.
I'm hoping that I can swap those colours about in realtime, so that I can have 4 spike sprites at all times, and then just change the palette colours as they go. But, of course, that'll be a "try it and see" sort of thing.

The ball will have to be locked to being 3 colours, I think, though I could make it into two sprites to get a little more of a shaded effect... That'd be 6 sprites in total, already.

I then have to figure out how I'm going to handle everything else, on top.
Score display, Combo bar, that sort of thing.
If I clear the very top of the screen, I could put a HUD up there, I suppose.

Guess I'll find out! Wish me luck!!

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