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Yesterday Took Ages!
24th March 2022  
I'm starting to slow down, doing too many things at once.


Yesterday was SUCH an effort. An ALChoon that took forever to get going, and a newsletter that as of writing this, still isn't actually finished.
I also ended up needing a four hour nap, which I think speaks volumes.

For my SmileBASIC game, this week, I think I'll redo Block-4, but with a slightly bigger playfield and a couple of extra tweaks.
I'm trying not to make it too much like Blockman Gets, though, and yet every little tweak I can think of seems to turn it more and more into that game.
Not that Blockman Gets is a bad game.. But I've already got that on there. It was one of the first SmileBASIC games that I did.

Trying to find a balance between something similar, and yet something unique, will be the struggle for the next day or so.

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