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Definitely The Final Purchase..!
22nd March 2022  
OK, so.. um.. That didn't work..


Everything I feed into the SDCard to CompactFlash adaptor is coming up as a Not-DOS disk on the Amiga.
Given all my issues with Compact Flash cards, I decided to try one last ditch attempt, and ordered myself a newer PCMCIA Compact Flash adaptor.
This time I ordered it from, in the hopes that it's slightly more fruitful.
Nothing against AmigaKit, but nothing I've bought from them, CompactFlash related, has worked. so I'm trying an alternative route.

I ordered the Reader with software but no card, (£15 with postage) and if that doesn't work then I'm pretty much going to stop being a greedy bugger, and live with "only" 128Mb on my Amiga's drive.
..The two compact flash cards that currently work are both 128Mb.
To be honest, that's probably more than enough. I've currently only got 47Mb on there, and that includes a whole bunch of tools, a small selection of PD games, and way more fonts than it's reasonable to expect an Amiga to cope with!
... I might cut down the font list a bit, if I'm honest. That can't be healthy for it!

The main reason I'm after a ton of drive space is basically so I can sit one day and one-by-one archive ALL of my old floppy disks over to ADF files on the card, without having to keep removing the Compact Flash card every 40 or so disks because the Amiga's freaking out about drive space..
(It did this last time I attempted it)

With the extra RAM and the bigger drive, everything should be plain sailing..

.... Right?!

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