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Lazy Day
21st March 2022  
Didn't really achieve much of anything, yesterday.


I formatted a bunch of old SD Cards of varying sizes, and copied the Amiga's CompactFlash contents over to them all.
Formatting took an alarming amount of time, especially for the 16Gb card. I think I'm used to having a PC's internal SDCard "drive" do the work, but I'm now down to doing everything via a USB dongle, and it was all a little sluggish.

Today the SD->CF adaptor should turn up, and hopefully that works.
I've got a 128Mb SD card, a 1Gb, a 2Gb and a 16Gb.
Who knows what'll work!
Stay tuned to find out.


A little more room juggling, but still haven't found a place for those extra boxes of stuff.
I did, however, discover that if you leave the under-the-bed drawer open, even with all those hundreds of videotapes in there, the cat will still somehow manage to squeeze in and crawl over the tapes into the area behind the drawers.

Crazy cat.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Had a dream about a game. It's not a very big game, so I think I might do it in GotoJSE.
Pacman on a 4x4 grid?
I dreamt that it was a mechanical handheld game. You know those flippy numbers they have in old clocks? Picture a 4x4 grid of that, with Pacman, Dots and Ghosts instead of numbers.
Looked lovely!

Today I'll try to write that in GotoJSE and see if the gameplay works well. I'm not 100% sure on whether it will or not.
But, hey, at least I've got a nice simple scripting language to test these things in, right?!

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