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Blitz Rebirth!
17th March 2022  
Managed to get Blitz up and running on the Amiga 600, last night.


Took a few tweaks to get things feeling just right, but I now have a nice Blitz IDE running on the system.
I bought Blitz 2.0 from Game in Bolton, way back in 1997, but migrated over to PC fairly shortly after, so never really got to play with it like I should've done.
A few little bits and pieces, but nothing substantial.
Most of my Amiga coding was done in Amos Pro (from an Amiga Format cover disk), so although I actually paid full price for Blitz, it was Amos that won the war, back then.
I more than made up for it on PC, though, where 90% of the downloadable games in my archive are written in either Blitz or Monkey, both developed by Mark Sibly.

Anyhoo, I still haven't got Amos working on the A600. And I'm in two minds whether I should.
Going back to that will bring old Amos-like habits along with it, whereas if I try to learn Blitz anew, it might be a more interesting result.


Incidentally, I ended up having to "ARrrrrr" the version of Blitz that I got running on the system, mostly because my original floppy disks were being more than a little glitchy.
This is what happens when you leave floppy disks lying in a giant drawer for 25+ years!
Bah, humbug..

My Mother would like me to clarify that I'm not a filthy animal, and that the incredibly filthy looking mug in the photo is NOT an incredibly filthy mug. I had a Milky coffee, this morning, which consists of 1 spoon of coffee granules and a cup full of milk, heated in the microwave for about 2 mins. Leaves a heck of a ring around the edge, but tastes lovely!

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