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Planning Ahead
24th January 2022  
A plan has appeared for next week's Browsercade game.

(Plan is not related to the image!)


Since the idea's popped into my head so early in the week, I'm hoping I can give it a little extra time and work a bit more playability and depth into it than I normally would.
Of course, between now and then I also have to write a 40x25 game for the SoCoder newsletter, a game in SmileBASIC, an ALChoon, and the actual SoCoder newsletter, so the end result might not even be as grand as the minimal idea I currently have in mind, but .. it's a plan, and that's what I'm aiming for.

What IS the plan?
I'll let you know in a day or two, if it pans out.
If I don't, assume it didn't!


That NightCafe AI Art Generator I've been having fun with, has recently had an expansion that essentially toggles off the artistic oddness, and tries to make a more specific result of what you've typed in.

It probably doesn't help that I keep giving it really cryptic phrases to try and generate really odd things, so the output I'm generally getting from it aren't nearly as chaotically odd as the standard Artistic mode.
The new "Coherent" mode works best if you specify exactly what you want to see.

"A dancing hula monkey, surrounded by flaming torches, under the moonlight." works really well.

By comparison,

"Watch them all fall down."
.. Not so much.

It's good enough, and I'm sure in specific situations it might give good results, but ..
It's not as much fun as the Artistic mode.

"The brontosaurus stomps over the Martian landscape in search of something to eat."

You can view my "creations" here.

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