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It's a bit small...
23rd January 2022  
Yeah, I can hear all the complaints about Jig Scene already.


By naming it as "Jig Scene", I've reserved a slot for a proper "Jigsaw" at a later date. One that makes use of the Platdude Pixelarts, and can end up being much more of a proper thing.
For now, Jig Scene should at least fill a hole.

My one issue with a proper jigsaw is all those tiny pieces, and having to handle the panning and zooming to keep things working right.
I DID try Jig Scene with a 64x64 grid, yesterday, but.. Good grief, it didn't end well on a tiny phone screen.

In addition to all of that, I remembered late last night that I have a Foldapuz game called "Clusters", and that this is pretty much that game, so I probably should've named it Clusters instead of Jig Scene.
... Oh, and there's no "Scene", so the Jig Scene thing also doesn't fit there, either.

In all, a complete balls up with the name...

No matter. Move on.

Next week's game should be a Browsercade one, so a little more action oriented.
I'll also try my best not to duplicate a game again, because I've done that for the past couple of weeks.
If you've any thoughts on a possible Browsercade game I can cobble together, let me know. Otherwise I'll probably delve into the list of unused ideas to see if there's anything suitable.

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