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15th January 2022
It's vaguely better..


Spent last night playing "Swap the Samples".
I went way back to the Amiga's AlgoMusic program, and unceremoniously pinched a bunch of its sound samples, for the Sampled pack, in JMTrackr.
The results are better than they were. I'm still not 100% happy with them, but they're at least easier on the ears than the previous set of instruments.

You can use the Jukebox to listen to the new instrument pack with various tracks.
Start the program, click a track, then click on "[Chiptune]" on the top right to switch between Chip and Sampled styles.

In code, use JMTrackr Tempo,"Sampled","JMCode" to make that switch.
I've not really put that in the command list instructions, yet, because I've been meaning to make it sound better for AGES!! It's now at the point where I'm fairly happy with the results.

The next task will be to try to replicate SNES and Megadrive styles.
The Megadrive with it's "burrrp, plink, plunk" style instruments, and the SNES with the calypso styles instruments.. .. Though, if I'm honest, they're more "specific games I can hear in my head", rather than system specific.

It'd be nice to have a C64 style, too, but SID effects aren't exactly easy to do, especially when doing things this randomly.
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