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Plan Going Ahead
1st January 2022  
This week's AGameAWeek Proper game (OMG, I'm going back to that!!) will be in Browsercade.


I've spent most of today familiarising myself with how on earth I managed to code the bloomin' games in the thing.
It's a VAST difference from the ease of a GotoJSE game.

I have to draw the sprites in a different tool.
Compile the spritesheets into new pngs with different enough filenames that they're not cached by the browser.
I have to draw a logo and icon.. pretty much today, so that they ARE cached by the time you're playing it in a few days.

And then coding.
Oh NO!!!
The number of times I've already written a BASIC For-Next, instead of a Javascript For () {loop}

I'm currently thinking Monday will be the AGameAWeek day. Or sometimes late Sundays. Depends on how far along I am.

This week will be Browsercade. Next week I'll try a Shoebox. Then the week after maybe go back to Foldapuz again? Haven't done one of those in a long long while.

In-between, I'll probably do random GotoJSE games whenever I feel the need, and then there'll be SmileBASIC games on... Maybe Thursdays? Perhaps Fridays? Somewhere around that time.

That's the plan.
What do you think?
What would you like to see?
Can I cope with all the juggling again!?

Let's a-go!!

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New games every week!
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