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30th December 2021  


Some days I'm ready to leap into a task, whilst other days there are so many tasks to be done that I'm not really sure where to begin.
I also haven't done a SoCoder Newsletter, this week, nor have I posted a new ALChoon.
To be honest, I'm just having a very lazy week!!

It's Xmas, who can blame me!?

The Todo list..


Fix Scale 3, it's gotten very quirky. Not sure why.
Add a "Control Scheme/Instructions" display to the GameHandler.
Fix the Touchscreen Controls, so they're.. um.. Not shit..!

I also REALLY need to write some sort of tutorial series or something.
Need to improvise a way to do that without resorting to .. *shudder* Recording myself in some kind of YouTube Tutorial Series. *nnngh*

.. And More Games.
Always the games!


All of these have been pretty much abandoned for almost a year.
This situation definitely needs fixing.

The solution : Even More Games!!

Incidentally, Michael Fernie suggested a Shoebox game, the other day, and it's been bubbling away ever since. I might tackle that one, if I can find a neat way to do it.


I bought a Quest 2, a few months ago, and have been looking into ways of making Browser/Javascript content for that.
It's fairly complicated, and any functionality removes compatibility for standard browsers*, which kinda goes against everything I've been doing in the browser, if I'm honest.
Not sure whether to attempt that or not.

*I did find this emulator extension for browsers, but .. Let's be honest, that's not really the same, is it. I'd probably make use of it whilst developing, rather than constantly popping the headset off and on all day, but .. It's not ideal, really, is it..?

If you've a VR setup, let me know if you'd like to see some big sharp pixel-blocks poking at your face.

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