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Day With Family
27th December 2021  
Had some of the family come around, last night.


It's the first time since 2019 that we had them all around for our annual Xmas get-together.
We all did our Covid tests, and then they came around and spent the evening with us.

There was chatting, unwrapping of presents, and Monkey Balls! (With the obvious grumbles about the physics not being right)
A few rounds of my many many Switch games, and a vague showing of JSE, but without much interest from a family who aren't interested in that sort of thing

We typically have a Chinese from our local, but unfortunately that closed down around about October, for reasons unknown.
Instead, we had to settle for KFC, which was a lovely treat.

Overall, it was a lovely night spent with those who we didn't get a chance to, last year.

I hope you and yours have all had a great time over Xmas and further over New Year.
Getting together is fun. But stay safe, and do everything you can to ensure you have as little risk of Covid issues as you can.

Happy Holidays!

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