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Too Much Coding!!
18th November 2021  
Coding away, as is the norm..
It got to about 2am before I remembered I had to write this week's SoCoder newsletter.


That's ready to be posted, the ALChoon got done, and I'm ready to get back to coding some more.
It certainly has been hectic trying to squeeze everything in, in time for Advent starting.
There's still LOADS of stuff to do, and that's before I start work on a Xmas game, too.
I'd really like to do a mini JNKPlat Xmas game, and get it working in both JSE and SmileBASIC, with the same set of levels.
I'm not sure how doable that will be, but ..

Ugh, let's not think about all that, yet, because I still have another 10 or so Advent games to write, first.

It doesn't help that I've rejected two games, this week, because they seemed a bit "too" simple.
If you end up playing a few really stupidly simple games, assume I ran out of time and put those back into the mix!!

Right.. Code, Jay! Time's creeping up on you!

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New games every week!
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