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New iPad Woes
23rd October 2021  


It took a good couple of hours to get the thing up and running.
The backup was created from an iPad running iOS Beta 15.1, but the new iPad was only on 14.something, so the Mac wouldn't let me restore the backup onto the new iPad.

First I had to update it to 15.0, but that still wouldn't let me do it, so I then had to "Start" the iPad as a brand new device, log into my Apple Dev account, then install the 15.1 beta.
Once all that was done, I could Erase the iPad (for what must've been the third time, by this point!) and restore the backup.


But it eventually got done, and then I had to wait another couple of hours for it to redownload all the apps I had installed. (The backup doesn't include the actual apps, just which ones you have, and where they oughta be on the home screen.)

Once all was done and dusted, I played around with my new toy, and discovered that one of my daily-tools (Montage) was no longer available, and hadn't been downloaded to the new iPad.

This is the tool I use to piece together the Pixelart posts that I post to Twitter each morning.

I trawled the AppStore for a decent replacement, but eventually ended up using a tool that was already on the iPad. Apple's own Pages. A Desktop Publisher.
Did the job, and it's given me a couple of nice new features, like shadows and gradiented text.

The new version is much nicer, I reckon.

.. And now, I only need to make an entire SmileBASIC game by tomorrow.. Hop to it, Jay!

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