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A Late Start
20th October 2021  
Didn't wake up until 11:30, today! Eeek!


The JSE arrays are still half-broken, but the work I've done seems to have sped them up a little.
Hopefully I can get those working, later today.
Sorting, Reversing and Shuffling of arrays are currently completely broke, so need rewritten from scratch.

At the same time, I'm wondering if I should maybe think about converting them to WASM. Probably would be a good idea, but I'm currently struggling with how I can easily switch between numerical and string values in WASM. C isn't exactly the world's easiest language, when it comes to strings!!



My VR experience is going rather well... As long as I avoid looking up, or quickly turning around.
Beat Saber is doing well at keeping me fit, and my little exercise bike is having a good run whilst I fly above multiple cities using AirPano's many 360 videos.
I did originally try the many bike-ride videos, but there were multiple complications.
People strapping the 360 cameras onto their helmets, meaning the camera bobbled about, and spun around when they looked about.
People forgetting to turn on/off the compass so that the camera ends up stuck in one direction whenever they head off in a different one.
And the lack of stabilisation, meaning you hop up and down frantically.

Nope, it all got too much, and I couldn't find a decent selection.
As disorientating as flying on a bike might be, the AirPano video's are a lot more stable, and easier to cope with.

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