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JSE - Another Little Boost
12th October 2021  
I managed to get JSE from 58 to 56, last night!! Woohoo!!


I know, it's a minor tweak. But everything helps at this point.
I'm also working way WAY more numbers than is sensible, now, and have stripped out a heck of a to of string references.

There are still a number of references remaining, though, especially those that handle variable names.
I'm currently wondering if it would be better if I added a Variable-to-Number thing in among the parser, but I get the feeling that trying to deal with Number-As-Variable alongside Number-As-Number might end up confusing the poor parser, somewhat.

But it's another little tweak that's helped it a teensy bit on Mac/Safari. Over on Remote-Windows, I'm barely noticing a difference, which isn't great.

Did you keep your original Optimisationalism 2 scores to compare!?

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