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OK, Now What?
14th September 2021  
I haven't really worked on JSE all that much for the past week or so...


I think my mind's starting to wander away from it.
With all the great games I'm doing in SmileBASIC, you'd think I'd be motivated to do even better in JSE, but I appear to be losing my motivation to carry on with it, and that's somewhat troubling.
Perhaps I do need to start coding a few kick-ass games in the language, to show it off a bit more, and hopefully get a little more feedback from people.



The kitchen clock hasn't been working for a while, so Mum took it down and started fiddling around with it.
You know the deal. No idea what you're doing, but open the thing up anyway in the hopes that it somehow manages to repair itself in the process, then stick it back together and see if it worked..

... It didn't.

So I popped online and hunted for the little mechanism doohickey, buying a couple of different sizes in the hope that one of them would fit, and they arrived yesterday.
It was an incredibly simple job to pop the old one off, and put the new one in it's place, and then the rest of the clock was easy enough to screw back together.

Job Done!

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