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11th September 2021  
WarioWare : Get it Together launched on Switch yesterday.
Nothing else got done!


Oooh, I do love a good WarioWare.
And this one's well put together, with a lovely interface that's been designed with the love, care and attention that a typical WarioWare title gets given.
I found WarioWare Gold's menu system to be somewhat lacking the "heart" of what they usually put into these things, so it's great to have a game that gets it all back again.

Gameplay wise.. Well, it's WarioWare, isn't it!
Except, this time you "play" as the different characters. Each one has their own movement style.
Most of them are free roaming hovering objects, think of them as working like a Mouse Pointer. You aim, then hit the A button and they do something.
Wario, for example, glides around the screen with the thumbstick, then the A button causes him to do his WarioLand sideways attack.
Jimmy is static, but Direction+A causes him to move in that direction.
Cricket, meanwhile, uses Platform game physics with left+right + A to Jump.
and on, and on, and on... and on!!!

There's a fairly decent sized bunch of characters in there, each with their own particular style of gameplay.
I'm fairly certain they've accounted for every character to function correctly in every single mini game, though in some cases the mini games will be tweaked slightly to fit the character a little better.
It must've taken such a long time to test every game with every character, and the results of all their hard work is evident in the result.

Bravo, all involved!

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