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6th September 2021  
What next for our intrepid coder!?


I could probably do with bringing the Minecart game over to JSE.
I'm fairly sure JSE's probably the best place for it. I mean, it is quite simplistic, to be honest. It's hardly taxing on the system, and it's fairly short in its execution.

As well as that, I'm still letting the whole WASM functionality stuff bobble about in my head. How/where would that function in the world of JSE? And would the results really be that much quicker?

On top of all that, I need to come up with another idea for this week's SmileBASIC game, but what? 111 games on there is a staggering amount.
I also could do with rejigging the layout of the "All the SmileBASIC games" page, because.. Man, that's getting crazy!!

So, yeah.
Lots to do.
Not sure where to start.
Might start by loading up Puyo Puyo Tetris on the PS4 again.!!

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New games every week!
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