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1st September 2021  
Yesterday was mostly code-free.


A visitor came around, and much chatting was had.
A nice couple of hours of not doing anything in particular, and sitting drinking cups of coffee.

Additionally, Me and Mum had a few rounds of two-player Puyo Puyo Tetris. Mum's getting better at it, and is now making frequent use of the Next box to see what's coming up. She's planning ahead her moves, and getting faster at the game.


So, what DID I actually do, yesterday!?
Well, first I tried finding better samples for the JMTrackr "Samples" instruments, but everything ends up being ultimately worse than is already there.

I also spent some time trying to get a decent ALChoon off the ground for this week, but alarmingly that hasn't happened yet. Which is quite bad considering it needs to be uploaded tonight!

On top of all that, I drew a Minecart in SmileBASIC and added Platdude inside.
I guess this week's SmileBASIC game is going to be a minecart ride, but how to make it ... fun...!?!

Right then, day off done, time to get some coding done.

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