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Uhoh, Monday!
30th August 2021  
Spent far too much time faffing about with JSE, yesterday, that I completely forgot I have a SmileBASIC game to finish off!


The "Game" is an isometric engine with a little crawling creature inside.
The player can pick up blocks and walk them towards each other to match them up.
There's currently nothing more to it than that, so today I need to add some kind of obstacle into the game.
.. Probably..

We'll see.
Gotta get on over and do that, this morning.


Over in JSE, I've been upgrading my little Nebulae thing.
Instead of simply drawing a static starfield, the Nebulae are now drawn onto the BG layer, then the stars are drawn over the top in realtime, with the whole thing scrolling away neatly.
Looks really quite nice.
Mmmm... Fluffy..

// Starfield with Nebulae v2 // Hit ' to capture the image // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/8/28 // #CONST $Wide=1920 #CONST $High=1080 Graphics $Wide,$High,3:CLS seed=Mills() // Nebulae SetBuffer BG:ResetDraw SetCol 0,0,0,1 Rect -10,-10,1060,1060 ResetDraw SetBlend "Light":neb=Rand(3,6) For n=0 to neb c=Rand(0,12)*30 x=Rand(1024):y=Rand(1024) a=Rnd(0,360) SetAlpha 0.01 For m=0 to 256 d=Rnd(0.3,0.5):InkRot c,0.8,d If Rand(0,100)<3 then a=a+Rnd(-45,45) x=Wrap(x+Sin(a)*Rnd(0,6),0,1024):y=Wrap(y-Cos(a)*Rnd(0,6),0,1024) rx=x+Rand(-200,200) ry=y+Rand(-200,200) rx2=Rand(128,256) ry2=Rand(128,256) Oval rx,ry,rx2,ry2,64 Oval rx-1024,ry,rx2,ry2,64 Oval rx+1024,ry,rx2,ry2,64 Next Next SetBuffer FG scrx=0 Repeat CLS ResetDraw scrx=scrx-3 AA On SetSize 2 x=Wrap(scrx*0.5,0,2048) DrawBG x,$High*0.35 DrawBG x+2048,$High*0.35 DrawBG x-2048,$High*0.35 Alpha 0.2 x=Wrap(scrx*0.3,0,2048) DrawBG x,$High*0.65 DrawBG x+2048,$High*0.65 DrawBG x-2048,$High*0.65 AA Off ResetDraw SeedRnd Seed // Pixel stars For m=0 to 400 d=Rand(3,10) x=Wrap( (Rand($Wide)+scrx*Rnd(d*0.2)),0,$Wide) d=d*25 SetCol d,d,d Plot x,Rand($High) Next // A few bigger stars For m=0 to 50 d=Rand(6,10):f=Rand(1,2) x=Wrap( (Rand($Wide)+scrx*Rnd(d*0.1)),0,$Wide) d=d*25 y=Rand($High) For n=-f to f SetCol d-Abs(n*20),d-Abs(n*20),d-Abs(n*20) Plot x+n,y:Plot x,y+n Next Next ResetDraw SetFontSize 64 SetAlpha 0.3 Text $Wide/2,$High/2,"Weeeeeeeee!",1 Flip Forever

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