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Today's Plan
25th August 2021  
Yesterday, Pakz suggested that more off-buffer image functionality might be nice.


SetBuffer MyImage
Draw oodles of guff onto MyImage
SetBuffer FG
.. Hmmm..

I spent most of the night wondering how best to achieve this, and I think I have a vague plan.
I'll be giving it a go, later today, but .. As simple as it seems, I also need to figure out a good way to get the DrawImage command to understand the difference between drawing a Symbol, and instead drawing one of the buffered images.

DrawImage MyImage,x,y seems ideal, but how does it know the difference between that and DrawImage x,y,Symbol, when all the values are just numbers?


Steady but slow progress on the rewrite of A Boatload of Balls, but .. So hard to keep watching the waves of movement!
Why am I even doing this game!?!

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