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Not Hard
1st August 2021  
This week's game has barely any difficulty to it.


I'm fairly sure how to fix it, but that's going to be the main focus of today's SmileBASIC coding session.
Tweak it here and there, and hope the end result is a little more varied than it currently is.


Over on, they're doing a LowRezJam...
Make a game that runs in 64x64 pixels.

So, as a quick test, I hacked up the JSE SpikeDislike and reduced it to 64x64 pixels.
.. It "works", but if you set it to fullscreen, the engine is quite obviously cheating, and not doing exact pixels.
Sub-pixels become full-pixels once blown up, and that shatters the illusion.

So, um..
Guess I have to work on that, then..

Progress on this will likely be posted to the LowRezJam thread, over on SoCoder.

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