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28th July 2021  
I'm still not having much luck with that WASM stuff..


In the meantime, then, I'm digging through the numerous things that NectarJS has picked up on, removing unused variables, cleaning up switch statements and more.
An odd side-effect of everything I've been doing is that Safari is managing to optimise the script much better than it previously did.
I mean, it's not an amazing improvement, but it is enough to help it out a little more.

I'm sure that all of these little nips and tucks will help a ton, once I finally get the WASM stuff working, but for now they're making things a bit smoother and helping out in tiny ways.

I'm learning a ton of stuff about what you can and can't do in Javascript. Best practices for optimising in little ways.
Over on the W3Schools site, one particular example rang incredibly true..

Not just because it's something I've recently been trying to do, but also because.. ... I found exactly the same issue in JSE, just the other day.

Javascript must be as badly written as JSE is!

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