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JSE - More Late Night Thoughts
27th July 2021  
I had another night of waking up with ideas for little snips and trims to optimise JSE a teensy bit more.


All the ideas are subtle nips and tucks. I haven't yet formulated a bigger upgrade..
Except for one idea..

Over the past couple of days I've been planning ahead, and setting up a dev-environment to allow me to compile Javascript to WASM.
WASM is an assembly language for the web, and apparently works in all the browsers without inexplicably breaking..
.. We'll see about that!!

I had to install Nectar and (nnngh)Emscripten(nnnnnghh) and .. I still don't have a clue what I'm doing.
In its current condition, JSE can't be simply compiled. The entire devkit throws quite a wobbler, after the 10 minutes it spends trying to understand any of it.
Having said that, there aren't as many error messages as I thought there would be.

But, there's enough to not allow it to do what it wants to do.

I'm thinking this might be a step-by-step situation, where I break JSE back down to almost nothing, then copy chunks of code bit by bit until something goes horribly wrong, then trying to fix it up again.
Will it help?
I'm honestly not sure. I expect it would, but it might break compatibility with older systems.. .. again!!

So, I guess that's the next big task. I'm really not looking forward to it, though.

HardDrive Watch

All the faffing about installing Nectar and Emscripten has inexplicably lost me 5Gb in the past couple of days.. Five!!!!! The MacBook Air 256Gb is now down to only 80Gb remaining. Eeek!
Might have to jettison a few of those Gamecube ISOs..

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