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Late Night Tweakings
25th July 2021  
After an hour or so asleep, my head went "Hey, I wonder if changing x-line a bit would help speed the engine up at all?"


The command "LET" isn't used from the frontend, but it is in fact used by the parser, to specify the difference between a standard variable, and you setting one.
It all gets significantly messier from there, but indeed, that command does take centre stage.

I did a bit of tweaking to how this "LET" is recognised, and also rewrote a chunk of the variable code, compressing it down and squeezing as much "fluff" out of the code as I could.
As has been the standard of late, I've just about managed to get a few extra milliseconds out of my test script.
Gud gud!

I also added variable handling to the "quick check" section of the code, which appears to have helped a bit, but I'm also wary that adding too much stuff up there will end up bogging it back down again, so I'm being extra careful how much I put into that bit.

By around 4am, I was ready to try and get back to sleep.

Today I'll finish off last night's tweaking and double-check I didn't break anything else along the way!

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