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Lazy Day
24th July 2021  
Spent a good number of hours watching Netflix stuff, last night.


I noticed last night that Season Two of "The Movies That Made Us" was available, so settled down, intending to watch one a night for the next few nights. There are only 4x48 minute episodes in each season, so it's only a few hours of code time lost.
I definitely won't be watching all four of them in one night, that's for sure.

.. Oops!

And then I watched the first couple of episodes of the new Masters of the Universe : Revelation show, to round off my night. Not a bad concept. I'll have to watch more of that to decide if it was any good or not.

Yeah, not an awful lot of coding, last night!!


I did get SOME coding done yesterday.
A basic tilemap in SmileBASIC.
But what to do with the basic tilemap?
I've added two sticks on the tilemap, which each light up a small circular region around them.
The player can lift a "torch", at which point it switches off. Placing it back down, lights things up again.

Next I need to limit the player's movement to only the area within the lit area, and then.
.. um..

Dunno, really.
Maybe give the player things to find on the map or something?

Could be anything. Blank slate.
Time to grab the keyboard, prod at the buttons, and see what comes of it.

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