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22nd July 2021  
I ordered my Mum a PS4 controller, the other day, and it arrived yesterday.


Most of yesterday was spent preparing the PS4 to be invaded by Mum.
I organised all the games into easy to access folders, and bought a couple of cheap games that she might enjoy.
Pacman Championship, Puzzle Bobble 2 (one of those Hamster Arcade ports) and Geometry Wars.
She, of course, went straight for Puzzle Bobble 2, and was still playing it until around midnight, at which point I had to then show her how to turn the PS4 off again.

She had to learn quite a lot of tech stuff, yesterday, that's for sure.

Sony haven't exactly made it easy to get Mum involved, though.
Having to faff about setting up a separate account for her was bad enough, but then trying to explain "This button labelled Option is the Start button" caused a fair bit of confusion.

"What's the big square for?" she asks about the touchpad on the PS4 controller.
I shrugged. I honestly didn't have a good answer.
I've used it as a basic button on a few games, but nothing much else than that.
"Just a big button.."

She seemed content with that answer.

.. And then there's the lack of "fun" games. Anyone who's been reading my PS4 thoughts thread will know I have very few games that I've played on the system, other than No Man's Sky.
I'm going to assume Mum won't be playing that, nor will she be likely to enjoy GTAV.
Other games currently on the system have mostly been gleamed from the PSPlus selection, and include Star Wars Squadrons, Control, Multiple adventures of Tom Braider, Ratchet and Clank, and a number of others.
I'm really not sure those are her kinds of games.

I might be wrong, of course, and find her settled down to a nice happy game of Call of Duty one day. But I doubt it.

And so, the hunt is on, to trawl through the hundreds/thousands of PS4 games, trying desperately to find games that she might enjoy.
A difficult prospect.

This is all an experiment, really.
I know my Mum enjoys videogames, but she has an even more limited palette than I do, when it comes to the sorts of games she'll play.
Right now I figure the PS4's mostly sitting unplayed, so I might as well try and get it some use other than No Man's Sky. And it sure does save on the cost of buying her a Switch, which was the original plan once Super Monkey Balls comes out.

Come October, she'll either be getting a nice shiny copy of Super Monkey Balls for that, or alternatively, I might yet end up buying her a Switch of her own.
I think it all depends on whether I can find good gamey-games that she can enjoy on it..
I know that if I buy her a Switch, there's tons of games she'd like.. So.. Yeah, that might end up being the better choice.

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