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19th July 2021  
As I look at the ToDo list, I realise something..

.. I've not tackled any of these for a good while..


Every day that I open the code up, I find myself digging into teensy tiny ways to make things a little bit faster. Which, I guess isn't a bad thing, but.. Hmm.

Flicker Fix

OK, maybe I tackled this one, recently, but it didn't go well at all, slowing down on most browsers, and not being a good thing at all.
I should probably retry this at some point, but I need to think it through properly, first.

The Minus Issue. Print -5

The other day whilst going through ALL the commands, I did consider adding a "minus-catch" thing to each command. That way if a command doesn't return a value, but there's a minus next to it, it triggers a "Probably a minus number" instance.
.. Unfortunately, I couldn't then figure out how to act on that without possibly messing up the BODMAS stuff afterwards.

Print -Hat-4
ended up mangling itself in knots inside my head.
Nope, not the day for figuring that one out!!


Oh dear. This has largely been abandoned, hasn't it.
I really need to figure out how best to work out the Not stuff.


This has been ignored mostly due to the previously described Token issues.
In order for "standard" functions to work, I'd need to find tokens for all the parameters, store them as local versions (which I haven't yet tackled, btw), and also work out returning the value, too.
Functions are alarmingly difficult, and if I code them in the currently method I have in mind, I'd expect them to end up being stupidly slow.
I'll keep thinking..


These should be easy enough to get working, taking the form of a kind of Array.
It's all the "Insert, Before, After" stuff that might end up slowing things down.


I haven't added any kinds of dialogues to the engine yet. I definitely do need to add one, though.
The "Are you sure?" pop up that happens when deleting a project, ends up getting in the way of Safari's audio quirks, and as soon as that's popped up, everything goes silent.
Having my own dialogues would be a better option, and then allowing you to pop them into games and the like would probably not be a bad idea.

Tilemap Collisions

Much like how I avoided doing normal collisions, this feels like it'd end up being 100 or so commands, just to get the most functionality out of it that I can.
It's been bubbling away for a good couple of weeks, now, and I think I've more or less figured out the best methods for it.

.. Maybe!

Shuffle/Sort - Multi Dim

This one's also been on the back burner. I've been trying to come up with really clever ways to do it, but I think in the end I should probably just focus on sort/shuffle of "The First Element", then reorganised everything else around that.

. nth/Ordinals

I don't think this one's going to be solved any time soon!
There doesn't seem to be a simple Javascript solution to it, and I'm not in any particular mood to write my own functionality for it!.. Unless I wimp out and only add English...?


So, yeah.. That list's not really changed, has it?
Must get to work on some of that.

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