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JSE - Bug Riddled
9th June 2021  
The more I poked, the more bugs appeared! Aaargh!!


Yesterday I rewrote a hefty chunk of the parser to allow backtracking to happen a little better.
This "fixed" Michael's Return issue, but introduced SO many more issues that, after a good few hours work, I ended up holding down Ctrl-Z for an extra hour, and undoing a TON of work.

Today I need to redo the whole thing, aiming from a slightly different angle. I'm fairly sure I know what NOT to do, this time around!

Never be afraid to delete!! Deleting can be more productive than not doing.

Right then, today's task.. Do all of that again.
I'm fairly sure I know how to go, this time around, and hopefully the end result will be infinitely better.

Bah, humbug!

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