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3rd June 2021  
Today's task is to finish off the "Examples Disk" and "Games Disk" part of the interface.


I've decided to leave the examples and games online in a giant php script, and make it so that you'd click one, and it'd save to one of your own disks.
That way, the originals are always there, but you can also play about with the code, too.
Seems the best method, I reckon.
Thoughts are welcome.

I've got the PHP back-end up and running, but today need to write the Disks part of it. Annoyingly, I need to get the test versions running directly on the server, as I can't seem to find a way to ignore all the Cross-Server warnings in the browser.
That's a lot of faffing about.. Code tweak, upload tweak, refresh browser, test, repeat..
Hate that kind of web-dev. It can be very frustrating.

.. But hopefully I can get things done, today, and then I can start building some proper examples and the like.


I think I've tracked down the Array bug. Or at the very least, I've whittled it down to a very easily reproducible bit of code, so that should help figure out what's going on, or rather what isn't going on.
It isn't, as I thought, a "confusing itself with too many array references" thing, but is in fact much smaller than that.

Take the following example.

// Array Break // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/6/3 Graphics 512,512,1 SetFontSize 8 dim bork(10) for m=0 to 10 bork(m)="error" next print for m=0 to 10 bork(m)=m+1:print m+":"+bork(m) next for m=0 to 10 bork(m)="error" next print for m=0 to 10 bork(m)=m:print m+":"+bork(m) next for m=0 to 10 bork(m)="error" next print for m=0 to 10 bork(m)=m-1:print m+":"+bork(m) next

It's definitely an oddball issue.
Arrays don't appear to like being themselves...!?!

Anyhoo, I'll be trying to fix that later today.
First the disks. Then the arrays.
Busy, busy, busy!

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