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JSE - A New Quirk
1st June 2021  
Arrays can be confusing, sometimes.


I've not 100% tracked it down, but I'm getting the oddest quirk occasionally, when using too many arrays in the same line of code.
I think the issue is that it's trying to handle too many values at once, and the parser's getting a bit mangled along the way. I'll have to stress test it to be sure.

For the meantime, if you use temporary variables inside of lengthy lines of code, instead of all references to arrays, things seem to run a bit smoother. Bit of a pain, but at least it works..


I wrote a game yesterday, but I've not put it anywhere yet.
Do I put them into the Game Archive as raw code?!
I hadn't thought about this bit.

Perhaps I should get around to implementing that "Game Disk" in the project view, then making specific links that go directly to projects on the "disk", rather than having them copy the code across?

Decisions, decisions.


Still haven't made any progress on the JMTrackr overhaul.
Still haven't made any progress on the Symbol Editor overhaul.
Still haven't made any progress fixing up the main JSE Gui.
Still haven't done anything about a Pause Menu for the GameHandler function.

The one common factor..
GUIs, Menus and things of that sort.

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