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29th May 2021  
A few tweaks, today..


I've dug through the command list and fixed up a few examples, to make them less "trip-up-able".
Previously, I'd written things like Print ScreenWidth, when I should've written Print ScreenWidth(), but was being too .. um... BAD PROGRAMMER HABITS.. whilst writing the examples.

The examples are (I think!) all fixed up, now, so should be better for future purposes.

A couple of new commands in there.. I think.. Maybe...
I know that ReadPixel is definitely a new one.
Not sure what else is new. Honestly, it took AGES going through the entire list, and by the time I was up to command 3, I'd already forgotten what 1 and 2 were
I should probably make notes as I go, as to what's new.


Anyhoo, here's a colour wheel!

// Colour Wheel // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/5/28 Graphics 512,512,1 SetLineThickness 2 repeat ang=ang+1 tick=tick+1 fizz=Rnd(0.05,0.1) if ang>=360 then ang=ang-360.25 for dist=1.9 to 0 step -fizz l=dist:s=1 if dist>1 l=1 s=1-(dist-1) endif InkRot ang,s,l Line 256+Sin(ang)*(dist)*128,256-Cos(ang)*(dist)*128,256+Sin(ang)*(dist+0.1)*128,256-Cos(ang)*(dist+0.1)*128 next r=GetPixel(MouseX(),MouseY(),0) g=GetPixel(MouseX(),MouseY(),1) b=GetPixel(MouseX(),MouseY(),2) argb=Hex(GetPixel(MouseX(),MouseY(),-1)) SetFontSize 8 SetCol 0,40,0,1 Rect 40,32,80,16,1 SetCol 200,255,200 Text 40,32,right$("000000"+argb,6),1 SetCol r,g,b Oval 40,60,16,16,16 if tick>3 then tick=0:flip forever

Awww, all the pretty colours of the rainbow

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