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14th May 2021  
I feel like I've hit another milestone.


With Arrays and Fors finally in, the engine's a teensy bit more powerful.
Of course, it's now becoming more and more obvious how sluggish it can be, so perhaps I could spend some time doing a bit of optimisation.

Meanwhile, I'm sifting through my list of Amstrad CPC Basic commands, and there's some really obvious stuff that I haven't yet added.
The REM command, for starters. I added // instead of ' because I figured it'd be hard to distinguish between ' A commented line, and 'Some text inside quotes', and yet I somehow completely forgot about the actual REM command.
My oldskool BASIC is failing me!!

Then there's the whole "Mode/Ink/Pen/Paper" set of commands. If I were to tackle those, I'd first need to implement system specific palettes and screensizes, and give options to switch between systems.
Those would probably be handy for the Sprite editor, too.

Another big missing command is some variety of Switch/Select/Case stuff.
I've been wondering how best to handle those, and .. Currently I can't come up with a way that would be "fast" like you'd expect a Switch to be.
A switch should say "which of these.. jump to the right one.", but all I can currently come up with is to convert everything into a bunch of IF statements, which would ultimately be as slow as.. .. writing a bunch of IF statements.
I think I'll leave that until I can fathom a better way to do it.

What else is missing?
.. Functions.
I could define a function name using the same functionality that the DIM command works. But how to handle sending parameters, and the return value... Hmmm?

And then there's files.
I'm not even going to attempt to get "proper" files working, but I should at least add basic functionality for highscore saves and the like.

Yeah, there's definitely a ton of stuff to dig through and work out, and this is still just the Amstrad CPC set of commands.

Keep going, Jay!
There's more to do!!

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