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12th May 2021  
Spent most of yesterday making a right mess!!


I decided that yesterday was probably a GUI day. And that was a bad decision, because we all know I HATE doing menus, and GUI layouts are even worse.

I attempted a rejig of the Symbol Editor.

If you try it now, you'll find it has an additional button for Fills, the whole thing (hopefully!) draws a little smoother, and there's a new grid button to turn the grid off and on.
If you switch to Portrait view (eg on an iPhone) it lovingly .. Oh gawd, no!!!!

"That took you all day?", you might be wondering. "Usually you can code entire massive chunks, like the whole Tilemap system, in just a day"
And you'd be right.
This is how much I hate doing GUIs!!

Also, those icons.. Oh boy..
They definitely have a very Jay-made-this vibe to them..

Today I'll likely spend another entire day trying to get the portrait view to look half decent.

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