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JSE - Pong
3rd May 2021  
Can it play Pong yet?!


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Sure it can!

Mouse control for player one.
Gamepad or keys for player two.
Alternatively (by default) Player two is AI controlled.
.. AI controlled.!?!?! In a script!?! That I've written!!?!?

Sure does feel kinda empty without sound though, huh...?

The code is more or less "standard", but I've had to do a few quirky things to get the ifs working properly.

You can Play it here. Simply copy the code below, shove it in the box, then click run!

// Table Tennis // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/5/3 Symbol 0,"2__0_0,O.MM0_0_0@OVVOOMM0_0_0/OVVOOMM0_0_0/OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVO,MM0_0_0!OVVOOMM0_0_0/OVVOOMM0_0_0/O.MM"; Symbol 1,"2__0_0?MMO.0_0_0/MMOOBBO0_0_0/MMOOBBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0!MMO,BBO0_0_0/MMOOBBO0_0_0/MMOOBBO0_0_0@MMO."; Symbol 2,"2__0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_00M.0_0_0_M,NNO0_0_0/M,N,OP0_0_0!MMN,OOP0_0_0!MN,OOPP0_0_0!MNNOOP,0_0_0/O,P,0_0_0_P."; Players=1 // One player mode. Use mouse for player one //Players=2 // Two player mode. Use gamepad/keys for player two Graphics 1024,768,2 AA Off reset=1 point=0;pointlit=0 y1=ScreenHeight()*0.5 y2=ScreenHeight()*0.5 yg2=0 Repeat CLS;ResetDraw() If reset==1 ballx=ScreenWidth()*0.5 bally=ScreenHeight()*0.5 ballgx=Rnd(0.8,1.2) if Rnd(10)<5 then ballgx=Neg(ballgx) ballgy=Rnd(0.8,1.2) if Rnd(10)<5 then ballgy=Neg(ballgy) speed=Neg(8) maxspeed=8 reset=0 endif if speed<maxspeed then speed=speed+0.1 size=24 SetCol 32,64,32 Rect ScreenWidth()*0.5,ScreenHeight()*0.5,4,ScreenHeight(),1 SetCol 100,255,100 SetSize 3 DrawImg size*2,y1,0 DrawImg jscrw-(size*2),y2,1 n=0 Repeat n=n+1 if speed>0 ballx=ballx+((ballgx*speed)*0.25) bally=bally+((ballgy*speed)*0.25) endif DrawImg ballx,bally,2 if bally<32 then bally=32;ballgy=jRnd(0.8,1.2) if bally>(jscrh-32) then bally=(jscrh-32);ballgy=Neg(jRnd(0.8,1.2)) a=(Abs(ballx-(size*2))<(size)) b=(Abs(bally-(y1))<(48+(size*0.5))) c=ballgx<0 if a and b and c then ballgx=jRnd(0.8,1.2); maxspeed=maxspeed+0.25 a=(Abs(ballx-(ScreenWidth()-(size*2)))<(size)) b=(Abs(bally-(y2))<(48+(size*0.5))) c=ballgx>0 if a and b and c then ballgx=Neg(jRnd(0.8,1.2)); maxspeed=maxspeed+0.25 Until n>4 If ballx<Neg(size) then reset=1;Score2=Score2+1;point=2;pointlit=90 If ballx>(ScreenWidth()+size) then reset=1;Score1=Score1+1;point=1;pointlit=90 if MouseY>0 then y1=MouseY() if Players!=1 then y2=y2+((Gamepad(ButtonDown)-Gamepad(ButtonUp))*16) if Players==1 // Basic AI if bally<(y2-24) then yg2=yg2+Neg(Rnd(0.5,2)) if bally>(y2+24) then yg2=yg2+Rnd(0.5,2) if Abs(bally-y2)<24 then yg2=yg2*0.6 if yg2<Neg(16) then yg2=Neg(16) if yg2>16 then yg2=16 y2=y2+yg2 endif if y1<48 then y1=48 if y1>(ScreenHeight()-48) then y1=(ScreenHeight()-48) if y2<48 then y2=48 if y2>(ScreenHeight()-48) then y2=(ScreenHeight()-48) SetSize 4 SetCol 100,255,100 if ((point==1) and (pointlit%30>15)) then SetCol 255,100,255 Text ScreenWidth()*0.25,32,Score1,1 SetCol 100,255,100 if ((point==2) and (pointlit%30>15)) then SetCol 255,100,255 Text ScreenWidth()*0.75,32,Score2,1 pointlit=pointlit-1 if pointlit<1 then pointlit=0;point=0 Flip fin=0 if Score1>9 then fin=1;GameOver="Left Wins" if Score2>9 then fin=1;GameOver="Right Wins" Until fin=1 Text ScreenWidth()*0.5,ScreenHeight()*0.5,GameOver,1 Flip
Open JSE

|update| Apologies if you copy+pasted this in the previous hour or so. Silly me forgot that browser's don't like <'s and >'s!! Had to do some code-converting in the AGameAWeek script! |update|

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