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29th April 2021  
Poor AGameAWeek's been awfully neglected, recently.


I should really be trying to get that Idigidragon game up and running, but even after 2 weeks, it's mostly been sitting idly by, watching as I carry on working on the Script Engine.
Hopefully with the first milestone reached (syntax that I can't easily break, and the first test release), that means that I can now focus on what I'm "supposed" to be doing.
.. writing AGameAWeek.

I also need to start planning a SmileBASIC game to do over the weekend, too.

Oh, and I've run out of pre-made ALChoons, as well. If I don't have a musically creative day over the next week, I'm in trouble!!


Right then... Focus. Build.. Create..
.. And don't start wondering about how you're going to code variables into the engine.

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