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26th April 2021  
What happens when you decide to work too long on your Script Engine?
You kinda forget to finish off that SmileBASIC game!


OK, gotta do that, this morning.
It *should* just be a case of adding some music, and giving the game a title.
Then taking screenshots, doing a YouTube clip, drawing a CoverArt, uploading everything, writing the blog and the game page, and then the job is done.

Unless I haven't actually got the game working as well as I think I have, then I need to fix up the game, too.


JSE is now completely broken, as the third "mini-compile" step has been removed, and I'm slowly rewriting the thing.
Hopefully I can get that finished in a decent amount of time, but it'll have to wait until the SmileBASIC game's done.. Once you see that uploaded, assume I instantly got back to work on the JSE!

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New games every week!
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